Thursday Breakout Sessions | 10 am

The Dynamics of Working as Team
Jeff Schrank | Dave Schmidt | Andrew Lehenbauer
Nancy Barton | Suzanne Olmos | Patti McFadzen
Ministry Staff Team | Christ Church-Lutheran | Phoenix
How do you mesh team, personality, chemistry, and culture to accomplish what needs to get done for the sake of the kingdom? Find out from the Ministry Staff team from Christ Church-Lutheran in Phoenix, home of the Best Practices for Ministry Conference.
Location: Worship Center

Missional Partnerships with Public Schools
Ryan Meyer | Associate Pastor
Redeemer Lutheran Church | Fort Collins, CO
What does it look like for your ministries to reach beyond the front door of public schools? Separation of church and state is a real thing and has moved churches further away from opportunities in their local communities. Come learn about Redeemer's partnerships with two public school in Northern Colorado and how those partnerships have helped us connect more people to Christ. More importantly, come discuss possibilities of what it could look like in your ministry!
Location: Room 104-105

SALT & LIGHT Leadership
Glen Dezeeuw | Former VP Northwestern Mutual Financial
Redeemer Lutheran Church | Fort Collins, CO
Glen will present a brief synopsis of the nine leadership principles outlined in his book, "Becoming a Salt & Light Leader" and how to apply them in the many roles we all serve in our lives.
Location: Room 106-107

The Church. Online.
TJ Winters | Online Pastor
Concordia Lutheran Church | San Antonio, TX
Paul had ink and paper, Luther had the printing press, and we have the Internet. How can we use the tools at our disposal to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to those in our community and across the world?
Location: Room 110

How to Disciple People to be Everyday Missionaries
Greg Finke | Executive Director
Dwelling 1:14 | League City, Texas
This session will help you regain the clarity and simplicity of how Jesus disciples his followers in the Gospels so that you can disciple your family, friends and fellow church members to join Jesus on his mission, too. Here is your way to participate in Jesus' Great Commission both individually and as a congregation.
Location: Room 111

Nail the Doors Open
Greg Griffith | Lead Pastor
Immanuel Lutheran Church & School | Macomb, MI
The days of our church doors open and you all come are OVER! Today, we have an opportunity to go out into the community and be a part of the community in the community, where they are; no matter who they are. Discover event based community mission where love is given with no expectation, no motives, only love of Jesus.
Location: Room 112