Summit Breakout Speakers

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Pastor Allen Buss - Immanuel Lutheran Church, Belvidere, IL
Title: Older Churches Revitalized by Christ (Listen now)
Summary: "Can these bones live?" (Ez. 37:3) Of course, older congregations can be renewed by Christ in His mission. Come see a couple examples and take some ideas home with you.

Tim Dittloff – Director, Stewardship Innovations
Title:  Transforming the Culture of Generosity in Your Congregation (Listen now)
Summary:  This session will provide insight on how the culture of your congregation impacts generosity. Strategies will be provided to improve the way your congregation talks about generously giving, serving and living on a mission. 

Pastor Jeff Dorth – St. John’s Lutheran Church, West Bend, WI
Title: Confirmation: What Pastors Wish They Could Do! (click here for audio)
Join a conversation that has been going on for hundreds of years within Lutheran circles. At this breakout you will hear of an approach being implemented within a congregation 158 years young which highlights:
* God-created classroom’s called the family
* Voluntary vs. expected confirmation
* The baptismal font and Lutheran education
* Discipleship expectations within the Confirmation Rite
Finally, you will receive candid assessments based upon eleven years of hard work- from planning, implementation, and ongoing fine-tuning.

Greg Finke – Executive Director, Dwelling 1:14
Presentation #1: Joining Jesus on His Mission (click here for audio)
How can you and your people join Jesus on His mission in the places you already live, work and go to school? In this session Greg will show you how to live as an everyday missionary and how your congregation can support such a mission lifestyle.

Presentation #2: Joining Jesus - Show Me How
In the Gospels, Jesus has already shown us how to disciple people. Jesus disciples His followers for and through joining Him on His mission. In this session Greg will lead us through a process of clarifying and simplifying our understanding of discipling so that we can rediscover how to disciple people the way Jesus does in the Gospels.

Pastor Greg Griffith – Immanuel Lutheran Church, Macomb, MI
Title: They Don’t Want to be There, But They Are (click here for audio)
Summary:  When we proclaim the message of Jesus, we also realize that not everyone wants to hear the message of Jesus.  How often have you addressed those who are not Jesus followers.  Does your message help them in anyway, and apply to their daily life as a non-Jesus person?  It needs to! They don’t want to be there, but they are…so let’s engage EVERYONE, EVERYDAY, EVERY WAY.

Gretchen Jameson–Sr. Vice President, Strategy & University Affairs, Concordia University
Title: The Art of Storytelling in a post-paper world: Craft content that moves mission forward
“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” – Robert McKee
Summary:  We live in the world’s first over-communicated culture. If you’ve heard the truism that “content is king,” yet wonder how to break your messages through the barrage of media and build bankable engagement currency with volunteers and members, you need to discover the art of storytelling. Good stories fuel conversations, allow organizations to be a trusted source, and underpin the success of your mission, especially on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pastor Leon Jameson – Hales Corners Lutheran Church, Hales Corners, WI
Title:  More than Pizza and Doritos: Creating a Discipling Culture in Youth Ministry (click here for audio)
Summary:  Youth ministry is more than entertaining games, more than memorable trips, more than late-night gatherings. Youth ministry is more than Doritos and pizza parties. Come and learn 3 ways to transform your leadership approach that will help to build a sustainable and vibrant discipling culture in your youth ministry. Come be encouraged and inspired as we challenge the notion that youth ministry is a bunch of splashing in the kiddy pool without wading into the deep end.

Pastor Chad Kogutkiewicz – Hales Corners Lutheran Church, Hales Corners, WI
Title:  Discipleship that is Personal
Summary:  As one of God's children you are called to be disciples in your home, your workplace, your church and in your community. The places that God has you are not by accident and they are rich with potential as a mission field. How do you go about that disciple making is a simple but complex scenario. The answer to being equipped is most likely closer than you think. It begins with God working to reach the lost through you.

Pastor Mike Newman – Texas District Missions, San Antonio, TX
Title: Four Markers of a Flourishing Church
Summary: Discover four key characteristics of mission movements and how they can become present in your life and ministry.

Rev. Dr. Mike Paulison – Executive Director of Mission Experience Haiti
Title:  Spiritual Warfare: Missionaries in Action (click here for audio)
Summary:  The US church now spends over 2 billion dollars a year on short term mission trips. This begs the questions, “Are we having the impact we should for that amount of investment? Are we transforming mission team members lives so that they are living as missionaries?”  What if we can come up with a Next Level Missionary training that will train and transform a team’s experiences? What if we took YWAM’s DTS (Discipleship Training school for missionaries) and created a version for short term teams and train them in areas such as spiritual warfare?

Pastor Tom Pfotenhauer – Woodbury Lutheran Church, Woodbury, MN
Title:  Moving Away From Buffet Style Church (click here for audio)
Summary:  Have you noticed how simply keeping people busy at church very rarely brings about significant transformation in people’s lives?  What if there is a better way than simply offering more stuff?  Come and hear our story of moving from a buffet focused church to process driven church.

Pastor Randy Raasch – First Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cedarburg, WI
Title:  From Pulpit to People (click here for audio)
Summary:  Developing communication that fosters attitudes and actions of generosity in individuals and congregations.  Sermons, studies and communication tools are vital in cultivating a culture of generosity in the hearts of people and in the mission of the church.

Pastor Joe Robb – Executive Director, LINC Milwaukee
Title:  Bridging the Gaps (click here for audio)
Summary:  From very early on in its history Milwaukee has been a city that has been divided.  Milwaukee's segregation reached its height in the 1960s earning it the title of "Selma of the North."  Today the city is divided racially, economically, linguistically, and in almost every other way imaginable.  It is the mission of LINC Milwaukee to use the Gospel to unify people from all walks of life and backgrounds.  This session will focus on our approach in Milwaukee so that you will see your community with fresh eyes.

Pastor Luke Schnake – Christ Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE
Title:  Building a Staff of Significance (click here for audio)
Summary:  We’ll consider together the task, the challenges, the setbacks and the joys which can be found as a Senior Pastor knows that he must, by God’s grace, build a ministry staff of significance, of excellence, of deepening the Kingdom. A few (of many) sub-topics will be: “Knowing Yourself”; “Being unintimidated by strength and success in others”; “Seeking the best’; “Knowing the power of kindness, calmness and much prayer”.

Pastor Mark Schulz – Trinity Lutheran Church, Lisle, IL
Title:  Multisite and Mission (click here for audio)
Summary:  Many churches have taken the step to become a multisite ministry. In the right circumstances, multisite can free staff and members for mission and remove barriers to growth. This session will help you pose the right questions and think through your ministry context to see if God is calling you to expand your work to become a multisite congregation.

Tim Schwan – Principal, soblessed, LLC, Appleton, WI
Pastor Steve Wagner – Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX
Aaron Rosenau -  Faith Lutheran Church, Appleton, WI
Title:  Generosity . . . The New Evangelism??? (click here for audio)
Summary:  Why are some congregations intentionally growing a culture of generosity to facilitate mission and outreach?  How did they get started?  What are they learning?  What impact does an increase in individual and community generosity have on discipleship and mission?

Mark Steinbrenner – Controller, Hales Corners Lutheran Church, Hales Corners, WI
Title:  Barnabas Ministries
Summary: Barnabas Ministries is a ministry of the Hales Corners Lutheran Foundation which is a Supporting Organization of Hales Corners Lutheran Church. At the heart of Barnabas Ministries are what we call Barnabas Encouragers and Mentors. These individuals are certified financial professionals that volunteer their time on behalf of HCLC and have been trained to provide a structured confidential conversation within a safe environment to help you learn more about legacy and estate planning. 

Pastor Bill Tucker – Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX
Title:  J2e3 ... What is it?
Summary:  J2e3 ... Jesus to Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday. This is the Great Commission in a nutshell.  But it is far more than just a nice phrase.  It is a movement, a network and, best of all, it is a mentality that every mission-minded person shares.  Let's get together and have an interactive discussion about how we can, more effectively, be J2e3 together!

Julie Tucker – Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX
Breakout Session 1
Title:  J2e3 Age-Appropriate Missions (click here for audio)
Summary:  Inspired by Acts 1:8, J2e3 focuses on helping people bring Jesus to everyone, everywhere, every day. This model workshop will showcase the outreach program of Concordia Lutheran Church in San Antonio and will provide attendees with ideas and steps to start or grow a mission program. You will learn how to develop age-appropriate witness opportunities that will teach students and adults how to build relationships, talk about Jesus, grow in faith and support the needs of the people you serve.

Breakout Session 2: 
Title:  Building Disciples and A Missional Culture (click here for audio)
Summary:  STARS is a retreat ministry of Concordia in San Antonio, along with other congregations, and seeks to reconnect and introduce people to Jesus.  This three-night, four-day retreat is the single most life changing ministry at Concordia.  Everyone from high schooler to seniors walk away with a super-charged faith and a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus.  They also have a renewed desire to serve in the church and community with a heart to reach people with the love of Jesus. If you are looking for a ministry that is especially good for millennials, STARS is extremely effective.