Thursday Breakout Sessions | 11:15 am

Nail the Doors Open
Greg Griffith | Lead Pastor
Immanuel Lutheran Church and School | Macomb, MI
The days of our church doors open and you all come are OVER! Today, we have an opportunity to go out into the community and be a part of the community in the community, where they are; no matter who they are. Discover event based community mission where love is given with no expectation, no motives, only love of Jesus.
Location: Worship Center

The Faith Sharing Compass - Navigating Conversations His Way
Bruce Sutherland | Ministry Resource Manager
Lutheran Hour Ministries | North Tonawanda, NY
Are you looking for a looking for a Simple, Relational & Biblical framework for sharing the Gospel and training others? Come and experience the Faith Sharing Compass. This practical session will help you better recognize and navigate the unique crossroads within faith-sharing conversations and journeys. It’s for pastors, district staff and church workers who want to become more effective in equipping lay people to share the Gospel. Participants receive a complimentary USB flash drive with training videos, prayer bookmarks, worksheets, graphics files, training material, and presentations for personal or congregational use.
Location: Room 104-105

Developing a Heart for Missions in Your Church
Dave Schmidt | Worship and Missions Pastor
Christ Church-Lutheran | Phoenix, AZ
How can your church live out the Great Commission to "go into all the world and make disciples?" What are some of the obstacles and roadblocks to overcome? How do you assemble the right people to make the biggest impact? Come and learn the answers to these questions and more!
Location: Room 106-107

Reaching Hindus for Christ in the U.S.
Navel Nischal | Director
Reaching Indians for Christ | Arlington, TX
Reaching Indians for Christ mission organization, in partnership with respective LCMS districts is working to inspire, equip, empower and mobilize congregations across the nation who are in the midst of an Indian population. Although the task of reaching Hindu immigrants for Christ can be challenging, it is most definitely necessary. And with Christ, all things are possible! My presentation will be focused on raising awareness, training evangelists and facilitating mission.
Location: Room 110 

Fun & Exciting Family Times
Kirk Weaver | Executive Director
Family Time | Littleton, CO
Parents and grandparents will learn "how to" make home-centered spiritual training fun, exciting and effective for children. This breakout session includes activity demonstrations and a video of families doing Bible lessons at home. Participants will leave fully equipped to go home and begin a 20-minute weekly Bible lesson that leaves kids asking for more.
Location: Room 111

Worship Planning: Designing Moments
Adam Countryman | Director of Worship Arts
Concordia Lutheran Church | San Antonio, TX
In this session we will look at creating memorable moments in worship services using music, video and integrating the arts with the message. We will also explore the importance of transitions and cultural relevance surrounding moments that are created. This would be great for worship leaders, music directors and planning pastors.
Location: Room 112