Thursday Breakout Sessions | 2:45 pm

Fundraising for Mission (Trips) - We're All Going!
Dionne Lovstad-Jones | Ministry Resource Manager
Lutheran Hour Ministries | La Porte, IN
So, you’ve decided to go on a mission trip. Now what? Included alongside the prayer, planning and other preparation is payment. How are we going to raise enough money to do this? Learn about meaningful ways to fundraise in your congregation and community, while building relationships and sharing your mission journey.
Location: Worship Center

Reforming Toward Mission!
Keith Speaks | Senior Pastor
Hales Corners Lutheran Church | Hales Corners, WI
Our Lord has taken us on an amazing journey in the last 5 years.  He is reforming us for the sake of the mission He has for us, and there are some things we've learned along the way that I think would be beneficial for brothers and sisters in Christ, partners in the Gospel, to consider.  Concepts like, 1) "If Worship doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!" 2) "If Discipleship doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!" 3) "If School Ministry doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!" 4) "If Children/Family Ministry doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!"  Come and discuss as we lay out the journey we've been on and the fruit our Lord has produced.
Location: Room 104-105

Growing For Missions-the Story of Redeemer's Community Garden & Orchard
Scott Coercer | Associate Pastor
Redeemer Lutheran Church | Fort Collins, CO
In applying the care of the earth theology under Dr. Charles Arand's leadership while a part of the SMP program at St. Louis Seminary, we began to look at our property differently, wondering how we could honor God, serve others, and reach others through our 68 acres the Lord has given us. An initial idea of a few tomato plants "grew" quickly into a quarter acre, massive garden project that give thousands of pounds of fresh produce to those in need in our county each year. Come and hear the story and be inspired to make a difference where you are at. This session will end with a walking tour of the garden and orchard!
Location: Room 106-107

Family on Mission: The Heart of Missional Communities
Larry McGurer | Lead Pastor
Salt of the Earth Communities | Westminster, CO
Many pastors and church leaders today are looking for ways to share Jesus with the people of our "post-Christian" culture. Missional Communities are a vehicle that many are experimenting with to do just that. But Missional Communities are different - not just in degree, but in kind. At the heart of Missional Community is family on mission. And the foundation for family on mission is our missional God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this presentation, Larry will share his journey of developing and leading missional communities - the good, the bad, and the ugly - in hopes of providing others who are interested in developing Missional Communities with some helpful insights and tools.
Location: Room 110

How to Join Jesus on His Mission in Everyday Life
Greg Finke | Executive Director
Dwelling 1:14 | League City, TX
Jesus is on a mission in the places we already live, work and play. And He invites us to join Him. In this session we will look at how everyday Christians can become everyday missionaries and support each other as a congregation. It's simpler than you think and a lot more fun!
Location: Room 111

Mission Central - Updates from Asia, Latin American, Africa and Eurasia
Brent Smith | Mission Development Counselor
Mission Central | Omaha, NE
This session will focus on the latest updates on God’s mission through missionaries in four regions of the world. Come learn (1) where the missionaries are located and why; (2) what regional seminaries are multiplying professional church workers; and (3) see video direct from the mission field of building bridges into many new communities. 
Location: Room 112