Friday Breakout Sessions | 10 am

Begging for Bucks or Joy in Generosity
Terry Biesboer | Associate Director, Transformational Gifts
Lutheran Hour Ministries | O’Fallon, MO
Raising money, asking for gifts, pastors as relationship managers and experiencing the joy in giving should all work together within a congregation. In this session, we’ll talk about what happens when you truly start treating members as joyful givers and partnering with them in mission and ministry. We’ll illustrate what approaches to take toward potential major donors and the results and benefits (reputation, raising the bar, accountability) to expect for you, your donors, and your congregation.  
Location: Worship Center

Reforming Toward Mission!
Keith Speaks | Senior Pastor
Hales Corners Lutheran Church | Hales Corners, WI
Our Lord has taken us on an amazing journey in the last five years. He reforms us for the sake of the mission He has for us, and there are some concepts we've learned along the way that my partners in the Gospel may want to consider. Concepts like, 1.) If Worship doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark! 2.) If Discipleship doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark! 3.) If School Ministry doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!
4.) If Children/Family Ministry doesn't result in Mission it misses the mark!  Come and discuss the fruit our Lord has produced.
Location: Room 104-105

SALT & LIGHT Leadership
Glen Dezeeuw  |  Former VP Northwestern Mutual Financial
Redeemer Lutheran Church|  Fort Collins, CO
Glen will present a brief synopsis of the nine leadership principles outlined in his book, "Becoming a Salt & Light Leader" and how to apply them in the many roles we all serve in our lives.
Location: Room 106-107

Reaching Hindus for Christ in the United States
Naveen Nischal | Director
Reaching Indians for Christ | Arlington, TX
Reaching Indians for Christ mission organization, in partnership with respective LCMS districts is working to inspire, equip, empower and mobilize congregations across the nation who are in the midst of an Indian population. Although the task of reaching Hindu immigrants for Christ can be challenging, it is most definitely necessary. And with Christ, all things are possible! My presentation will be focused on raising awareness, training evangelists and facilitating Mission.
Location: Room 110

Reaching Out to the Unchurched in a Digital World -
Dionne Lovstad-Jones|  Ministry Resource Manager
Lutheran Hour Ministries | La Porte, IN
To fuel a movement for shaping the online narrative to share Jesus with the unchurched, Lutheran Hour Ministries launched a mission field in the digital realm. As an eco-system of material that provides opportunities for authentic, honest and respectful conversations about life, faith, Jesus and Christianity, we hope to engage with non-churched Gen-Xers and older Millennials in a genuine dialogue about the words and message of Jesus, and the impact of Christian belief systems in contemporary culture.
Location: Room 111

Proclaiming Jesus to everyone; Even in Struggling Relationships
Dwight Schettler|  President
Ambassadors of Reconciliation | Billings, MT
The brokenness of conflict is a dark place where the light of Christ shines the brightest. Come be equipped for Proclaiming God's forgiveness in the darkness of conflicts in your life and others. Learn practical application you can use today! The vertical reconciliation we have with God through Christ empowers horizontal reconciliation between us this side of heaven. You will receive an Ambassadors of Reconciliation "Proclaiming God's Forgiveness" pamphlet that’s part of our new Bible study.
Location: Room 112