Monday Breakouts 4:30 - 5:30pm

Amanda Herr, Co-Founder of SocialFuel Media
"J2e3...Jesus to everyone on Facebook. Twitter. Instagram."

Anna Lisa Garcia, Community Relations Officer of Mosaic
”Discover the Possibilities”

Nick Loll, Texas Area Director, Experience Mission
”Live on Mission”

Barak Tschirhart, Missions Director of Next Step Ministries
“An Avenue For a Relationship”

Tuesday Breakouts 10:35 - 11:35am

Tony Cook, Executive Director of U.S. Ministries of Lutheran Hour Ministries
"The Spiritual Conversation Continuum"

Beth Nelson Chase, Executive Director of Bright Stars of Bethlehem
"Hope is What We Do"

Julie Tucker, Director of Disaster Response, LCMS Texas District
”Before the Storm: Preparing for Greater Impact”

Hugo Moya, Pastor of Iglesia Misionera Cristo Vive & Yonathan Moya,
Executive Director of Border Perspective

”Domestic Missions on the U.S./Mexico Border”

Tuesday Breakouts 2:20 - 3:20pm

Jeff & Cheryl Ehlers, Chairman & Director of Education of Garuna Foundation
"World Mindedness: A Global View of Ministry"

Matt Engel, Research Fellow of LN and Linda Bork, Director of Ministry Solutions at Gloo
"The Next Wave of Ministry Intelligence and Impact”

Dr. Robert Roegner, Missionary to Israel of The Apple of His Eye Mission Society
"What Do Jewish People Think of Jesus as the Messiah?"

Chelsea Beck, Site Coordinator, LCMS Texas District
”All Hands on Deck - Restoring Your Community After a Disaster”